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Basic Cakes

Our basic cakes range from $2.75 - $3.25 per serving.

Adding Writing, a specialty filling, or multiple colored frostings would lead to the higher end of pricing. 

Specialty Cakes

Specialty cakes range from $4.15 - $8.00 per serving.

Pricing increases with the addition of flowers, fondant, airbrush, and difficulty of design. Pricing is also slightly increased for tiered cakes.

Wedding Cakes

5 in

up to 10 servings

6 in

up to 12 servings

8 in

up to 20 servings

9 in

up to 24 servings

10 in

up to 28 servings

12 in

up to 40 servings

*tiered and square cakes also available

$50 order minimum

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation 1 week notice: Within 1 weeks prior to delivery/pickup date the initial deposit will be retained. No additional payment required.

    1.  Cancellations can be made before this deadline. Your deposit, minus a 10% processing charge, will be refunded.

  2. Cancellation under 7 day notice: 100% of total projected cost will be charged as a cancellation fee, in addition to that of the initial deposit.

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